Thematic Units - Insects


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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Butterfly and Caterpillar Grades K-2
A thematic Unit.

Bugs Grades Elem. - Jr. High
Students will tear colored paper into shapes appropriate to imaginary insects. Shapes will be arranged and glued to a background sheet.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Spider Activities Grades PreK-1st
Some fun and creative activities that center around spiders.
Submitted by: Tami tami_worsham@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Stuffed Newspaper Butterfly Grades All
Many families & schools recycle newspapers, but you can go a step further and make a butterfly with yours!
Submitted by: APool37253@email-removed

Debbie's Unit Factory Grades All
Find great "Ant" resources.

Invertebrates Grades All
Take a closer look at spiders, butterflies, and other insects.

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Web Sites

The Bug Club
For young entomologists

Participating classrooms will have the opportunity to control an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to image insects at high magnification.

The Butterfly WebSite
Here you can tour the photo gallery, learn how to plant a butterfly garden, take a field trip, find a pen-pal, chat with other butterfly-lovers and so much more!

Cockroaches for Kids
Why cockroaches? Because there aren’t very many bugs that can ruin a perfectly good day just by seeing one in your cupboard. And when you do see one, everybody (including your kids) have a million important questions about them.

Get This Bug Off of Me!
Many insects look harmful, but really aren't. Find out which ones won't hurt you.

How to Make a Butterfly Garden
With a few simple tips, anyone can make their backyard garden a welcomed spot for butterflies. Butterflies add color and beauty to your garden.

Insect Lore Home
Discover the monsters that live in your home!

Insects as Food
Recipes for insects.

Very Cool Bugs
Bugbios, a data base of very cool bugs.

The Wonderful World of Insects
Insects are the most successful life form on the planet! Come learn all about them.

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