Thematic Units - Stuffed Newspaper Butterfly

Stuffed Newspaper Butterfly

What You Need:
pencil hole punch
paper clips
thin string
tempera paints
looseleaf reinforcements

What you do:
1. Spread out tow sheets of newspaper on top of the other. Draw the outline of the butterfly on the top sheet, covering as much surface as possible.

2. Cut along the outline through both sheets, keeping them together so that the cut shapes are an exact match. have your child crush the trimmed off newspaper into a ball and put it aside to use later for stuffing.

3. Keeping the newspaper lined up, show your child how to punch holes all around the outer edge, about 1/4 inch(1/2cm) in from the edge. Space holes about 1/2inch(1cm) apart. Don't punch holes too close to the edge. Hold the newspapers together while working, using paper clips in several spots. If papers slip, insert a pencil into the holes to line up the two sheets.

4. Cut a long piece of string. have your child thread one end through a paper hole. Attach a paper clip to the other end, allowing about 5 inches (13cm) of string to dangle. Sew or weave the threaded end in and out of holes until a little more than half the shape has been sewn.

5. now your child can insert small wards of newspaper inside the shape. keep stuffing until the entire shape is full. Then continue sewing the rest of the figure. Make sure to hold the edges of the two newspaper sheets together, lining up the holes.

6. When back at the starting point, remove the paper clip and the tow ends of string together. knot the string several times and cut off the end. (Note: If your child missed any holes or any areas are spaced too far apart, simply staple together the edges of the two newspaper sheets in those spots.)

7. let your child paint the shape with tempera or acrylic paints, making it colorful and fun. Allow for the paint to dry. Additional material maybe added to the shape, such as pipe cleaners for the butterflies antennae.
8. Stick round looseleaf-paper reinforcements on the front and back of the two adjacent holes at the center top of the butterfly. Insert a length of string through the reinforced holes and hang stuffed butterfly.
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