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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Aborigines Folk Tale/Myth Evaluation Grades Any
A great project to assess student's knowledge of Australian literature.
At the conclusion of studying a variety of folk tales and myths, students completed this project. The students were assessed on the following information:

-Provided a copy/name of the Folk Tale/Myth read.
-Constructed a piece of Aboriginal Art that represented their Folk Tale/Myth.
-Researched basic facts for the animal/tribe from their Folk Tale/Myth.
-Neatness and Quality of art piece and report.
-Oral Presentation of report.

The difficulty of this project can be adjusted according to grade level.
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The Teacher's Corner Resources Australia Unit Outline Grades Any
Here is a very brief outline that I used for my unit on Australia.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Read Aloud Grades Any
When I did a unit on Australia, I read Complete Adventures of Blinky Bill (Bluegum) by Dorothy Wall during our DEAR time.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Recipes Grades Any
Here a couple of Australian recipes to try.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Travel Brochure Grades Any
At the conclusion of our Australian unit, I had students create an "Australian Travel Brochure."

The following information had to be included in the brochure:
-unique facts
-people (European & Aborigines)
-activities (ie: sports)
-historic landmarks/attractions

The students were also assessed on:
-pictures included in the brochure
-neatness & quality
-oral presentation of brochure

The difficulty of this project can be adjusted according to grade level.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Waltzing Matilda Grades Any
Find the music to this great Australian song.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Australia Centers Grades Any
Here is a collection of easy-to-make centers that can be included in any classroom during your study of Australia. If you have questions about any of them, feel free to contact me.

  • Australian Flag
    Students construct their own Australian flag.
  • Australia Puzzle
    Here is an easy way to help your students learn the different territories.
  • Australian Word Match
    Students learn some of the differences in our two languages.
  • Book of Seasons
    Help students understand how our country's seasons are opposite each other.
  • Boomerang
    Students construct their own flying mechanism.
  • Puzzles and Activities
    A great idea to help save paper!
  • Territory Magnet Matching
    Another great way to learn the political properties of Australia and the surround bodies of water.
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Australia Mini Unit Grades 3-5
This is a 5-day unit that focuses on social studies, but does run through the other content areas. It does a great job of integrating technology.

Australia Poster Grade 3+
"Students will make a poster displaying facts about Australian geography, government, trivia, and history."

Australia: Lessons About the Land Down Under Grades Various
"G'day mate! Your students can learn about the "land down under" as Education World offers lessons about the continent of Australia."

Australia Facts Grades Any
Learn all the basics about this country.

Kakadu: Australia's Ancient Wilderness Grades Elementary
"Information and classroom activities for teaching about Australia. Students learn about animal behaviors, and study lightning."

Thematic Unit Grades Any
Visit this site to find great printable pages.

Visiting the Land Down Under Grades K
A 5-day thematic unit for kindergarten students.

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Web Sites

Cool Kids Facts
Find fun facts and video.

Kids World Travel Guide
Find great pictures and facts.

National Geographic KIDS on Australia
Find quick facts geared toward kids.

National Geographic on Australia
Find great pictures and facts, along with the Koala Feature.

National Library of Australia
Discover great information about Australia.

National Museum of Australia
"Get info on this museum in Canberra, Australia's capital city. See a webcam view, learn of its collections, and check out the showcase of online exhibits."

Zoom School: Australia
Find information on Australia's animal, folk music, stories, art, and more.

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