Thematic Units - Australia Unit Outline

Australia Unit Outline

I used this outline with 1st & 2nd graders.  You can add the appropriate detail for your grade level.  You can refer  to the "Centers" in the Lesson Plan section for a few of the ways I taught the skills below.
  I.  Globes and Maps
      A.  Identify Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand on globe or map
      B.  Locates the above.
      C.  Locates Points of Interest-oceans, seas, deserts, coast lines, islands
      D.  Continental Drift
      E.  Features of the Southern Hemisphere

II.  The Past (History)
      A.  Aborigines
      1.  Myths and folk tales
      2.  Art
      3.  Music
      B.  British Settlement
      C.  Gold Rush
      D.  Independence
      E.  Government

III.  Societies
     A.  Aborigines (covered in History)
     B.  European
     1.  Literature
     2.  Lifestyles - Urban VS Rural
     3.  Sports
     4.  Food
     5.  Language Expressions

IV.  Climate
     A.  Southern Hemisphere (covered in Globes & Maps)
     B.  Astronomy
     C.  Climate Zones - identify on map
     D.  Land Forms

  V.  Animals
     A.  Learn about the main Australian animals.  (Create hall display.)
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