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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Daily Writing Prompt
January 22
January 22nd is “Popcorn Day.”  If you could invent your own flavor of popcorn, what would it be and why?  PDF
Submitted by: The Teacher's Corner

The Teacher's Corner Resources Planting Popcorn Grades Various
An easy way for students to watch plant growth. A plant activity I use and one that the kids love is to plant popcorn kernels in a clear plastic cup and they can watch the seed grow into roots and a stem. Roll up a paper towel and place inside a clear plastic cup, making sure the towel lays against the sides of the cup with a hollow space in the middle. Put soil in the cup, in the space inside the rolled paper towel, so that it pushes the paper towel against the sides of the cup. Put about 3 kernels in each cup, point side down, between the paper cup and the towel. Water and watch. The kids keep a journal of the plant's progress and can draw and label the parts.
Submitted by: Debbie Suffff@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Popcorn Day Grades Elementary
These are great ideas for your own Popcorn Day that span across the subject areas.
Submitted by: Kathie

The Teacher's Corner Resources Popcorn Project
Using the Scientific Method, students can create a project comparing which type of popcorn pops better, fluffier or tastes better. Students may discover that brands may score differently in each category.

Education World & Popcorn Grades K-8
Five different lesson plans that focus on popcorn along with a number of other great ideas to use in your classroom. Don't miss the link for an additional 20 lesson plans!

Geography of Popcorn Grades 3-12
"Use corn kernels to create a "Top Corn-Producing States" map or graph."

History of Popcorn Grades Any
Students learn to identify significant historical events and plot those events on a timeline.

Piles of Popcorn Grades K-2
An elementary reading comprehension printable worksheet on a story about children and piles of popcorn. The story is appropriate for individual or guided reading.  Use this lesson to help build reading skills and reading readiness.  Also good for general reading practice. Teaching Tools Grades K-12
You will find lesson plans and activities for students grade levels kindergarten through high school.

Popcorn Isn't Just for the Movies Anymore! Grades Various
Various ideas and resources from Education World.

Popcorn Math Grades K-8
Use popcorn to teach math concepts including place value, estimating, graphing, and volume.

Popcorn Thematic Unit
This thematic resource book is available through the Teacher Created Materials company.

Popcorn Unit Grades Various
History, poetry, fun facts, and more.

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Web Sites

Fact Monster
Learn all about this historical snack.

How Cracker Jack Got Its Name
Learn all about the history of Cracker Jack.

Jolly Time Popcorn
Visit the Official Site of Jolly Time Popcorn. There is a lesson plan library designed specifically for educators. It features a collection of lesson plans, historical information, and activities – ideally suited for cross-curriculum study units on popcorn, or to fit into your existing lesson plan. (The links to individual lesson plans are also included below). You can also find an additional Resource section that includes quizzes and printable pages.

National Corn Growers Association
Learn all about corn.

The Popcorn Board
The Popcorn Program is an interdisciplinary educational guide designed to introduce elementary school students (grades K-8) to popcorn and its many applications. In this package you will find lesson ideas for the following subjects: Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Health and Consumer Science (Home Economics).

Popcorn Fun Facts
What's truth and what's fiction?

The Science of Popcorn Grades Any
These resources were created to provide you with information and ideas to use freely in your own projects.

Wyandot Popcorn Museum
Visit the world's largest collection of popcorn poppers and peanut roasters.

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Pop Pops the Popcorn

by James Stevenson (Illustrator)

Popcorn (Green Light Reader)
by Alex Moran, Betsy Everitt (Illustrator)

Popcorn at the Palace
by Emily Arnold McCully

The Popcorn Book
by Tomie de Paola

The Popcorn Dragon
by Jane Thayer, Lisa McCue (Illustrator)

Popcorn Magic
by Phylliss Adams, Carole P. Mitchener, Virginia Johnson

Popcorn Plants (Early Bird Nature Books)
by Kathleen V. Kudlinkski, Jerome Wexler (Illustrator)

What Makes Popcorn Pop? : And Other Questions About the World Around Us
by Jack, Ph.D. Myers (Editor)

Why Does Popcorn Pop? : And Other Kitchen Questions (The Question & Answer Storybook Series)
by Catherine Ripley, Scott Ritchie (Illustrator)

The Huckabuck Family and How They Raised Popcorn in Nebraska
and Quit and Came Back

by Carl Sandburg, David Small (Illustrator)

by Frank Asch

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