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Thematic Units - Popcorn Day

Popcorn Day

Here are some ideas I used during Popcorn Day:

We read about popcorn kernels. We discussed what they were made of and why they popped.

We read about and discussed the history of popcorn.
We located pertinent places on maps such as states that grow the most popcorn, Sumatra, China and India.

We discussed popcorn nutrition. We also compared popcorn's nutrition with that of other popular snacks.

We conducted a taste test and survey. We graphed the results of our test. (We tested 3 different microwave popcorns, one homemade and one store bought. Interestingly, adults all chose homemade as their preference and not one child did.) We counted "Old Maids" from the microwave brands and compared & graphed results.

We read The Popcorn Book. We went over meanings of new vocabulary we had come across in our studies.

Children wrote descriptive paragraphs about The Land of Mo where it snows popcorn.

Children made illustrations of The Land of Mo using popped and unpopped popcorn.

We popped popcorn. Using our measuring and reading skills, we made popcorn balls.
Submitted by: Kathie