Thematic Units - Winter Olympics

The 2014 Winter Olympics

**Please note that some of the resources may relate to previous Olympics, but they can easily be modified to fit the 2014 Winter Games.**
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The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Letter Recognition Grades Kindergarten
Make paper gold medals for each letter for each child. Child is to watch teacher make the letter and then write the letter. The teacher can trace the letter on the child's back to help the child remember how to make the letter. Is a fun game and everybody "wins" a gold medal for each letter
Submitted by: Jeanne

The Teacher's Corner Resources Athletes' Hometowns Grades Intermediate
Depending on the age of your students, will create a map showing the hometowns or home states of theathletes on the current U.S. Olympic team. Visit our Printable Maps page to select, download and print a map. Access athlete information at the Team USA web site.

A Day at the Olympics Grades 6-8
Students explore an online resource and learn how athletes from different ancient Greek city-states would behave at the Olympic Games.

ABC Teach Grades Various
A fun collection of Olympic resources and activities.

A Measure of Greatness Grades K-5
Students participate in a variety of Olympic-type activities involving measurement.

An Educator's Guide to the Olympics Grades Various
You will find Fact Sheets, Questions and Activities, Worksheets and Lesson Plans to help you incorporate the Olympics into your curriculum. (This resource is from the 2002 Salt Lake Games.)

Character Education Lesson: Olympics Grades 6-8
Students plan and stage a classroom Olympics.

Create Your Own Classroom Olympics Grades 3-12
Students compete in activities that emphasize a wide variety of skills and knowledge as well as some luck.

Comparing Ancient and Modern Olympic Games Grades 3-12
Create a Venn diagram to compare the Games of today and ancient times.

Designing and Creating Symbols and Logos Grades 2-12
This is a resource which uses the olympics as an example to highlight the understanding of the function of a symbol in order for pupils to embark upon their own project, designing and making a symbol for sports day. The idea is extended with the introduction of logos also. Children can use their symbol as the basis for the design of a logo for different practical advertising purposes.

Drawing the Olympic Rings Logo Grades Intermediate
Students will learn about the Olympic rings and other geometric logos.

Faces of the Olympics Grades Various
This project aims to develop student skills while researching the stories behind the Olympics.

Flag Grades Various
Print and color an Olympic flag.

Go for the Gold! - A CyberHunt Activity Grades Various
To learn more about the Olympic Games, click on the buttons below each of the following questions. Then write your answers on a separate piece of paper.

Go for the Gold! Grades Various
This site was put together for the 1998 Olympics, but there are several activities that can be used for this year.

History of the Olympics Grades 2-5
Students will have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Olympic games, study the rules, and hold their own Olympics.

Olympics Art Fun Pre-K-2
Students create medals, Olympic rings, and torches using common materials.

Olympic Biographies Grades 3-8
Students create a book of biographies profiling famous past Olympic athletes.

Olympic Games Grades K-12
Help students draw parallels between the perseverance of Olympians and their own lives.

Olympic Graphs Grades 6-12
Students create graphs comparing present and past winning results of various Olympic sports.

Olympic Leaders Grades 3-12
Each student will research the accomplishments of one Olympic athlete.

Olympic Readers Grades Primary & Intermediate
Students can create their own Olympics!

Olympic Rings Report Form Grades Various
Students learn about and report on the Olympic rings. (This link is to a PDF.)

Olympic Time Lines Grades 3-12
Students use library or online sources to create time lines of various events that took place during the modern Olympic Games.

Olympic Trivia Challenge Grades 6-12
Students find fascinating facts about the Summer Olympic Games and Olympic history.

Olympic World Grades Various
This efgProject™ is designed to bring "Life 2 Learning."  It features fourteen lessons that are integrated with the skills necessary for life and work in the 21st Century.

Reading Comprehension Activity Grades Intermediate
Students can read and then answer questions related to the Olympics.
Use this link for the questions

Reading Olympics Grades K-8
Students participate in a Reading Olympics and enhance their reading abilities at the same time.

Research the Olympic Games and a Host City Grades 6-12
In this lesson, students learn about the history of the Olympic Games, research one summer or winter Olympic Games hosted by a specific city, and then create a brochure in Microsoft Office 2007 to present their findings.

So You Want to Compete in the Olympics? Grades 3-12
The International Olympic Committee has decided to hold a Junior Olympics during the next Summer Olympic Games. The committee has invited students from around the world to form teams and participate in that event. You and other students in your class hope to try out for the Junior Olympics, but first you have to plan how you will prepare for the competition.

Sochi - 2014 Winter Olympic Crafts - Grades Various
Easy crafts for kids ages 2 and over.

Theme Unit Grades Various
A great collection of resources.

Track a Sport Grades 6-12
Students track the results of various sports during the Olympic Games.

Trivia Games
Trivia related to the 2014 Winter Games.

Winter Olympic Teaching Theme Grades Various
A great collection of resources from art to web sites to Webquests and more!

Winter Olympic Webquest Grades Intermediate
Through this webquest you are going to learn more then you ever thought you wanted to know about the Winter Olympics. You will research history, athletes, symbols, and so much more! (This wequest was created for the 2006 Winter Games, so there will be some adjustment needed.)

Winter Olympics Grades 3-12
Learn about the Winter Olympics and see a list of places that they have been held.

Winter Olympics - Activity Village Grades Various
This site has a great collection of printables, activities and resources.


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Web Sites

2014 Winter Olympics Wikipedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A great collection of information.

Sochi 2014
The site of the Winter Olympic Games.

Athlete Bios
Students can learn about their favorite athlete.

International Olympic Committee
Official site of the International Olympic Committee.

Journal E
This site contains a great amount of Olympic history. (This site requires Shockwave Flash 4 plug-in.)

Learn about the 2014 Olympic Mascots.

NBC Sports
2014 Winter Olympics.

The Olympic Games
Read all about various aspects of the Olympics.

Olympic Museum
Take a tour of previous Olympics.

Olympic Trivia
Would make a great game for your classroom.

Team USA
Learn about the athletes that make up the US Olympic Team.

Torch Relay
Follow the torch on it's journey.

Winter Olympics Through the Years
Find a complete index of all previous Winter Olympic Games.

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100 Unforgettable Moments in the Winter Olympics (100 Unforgettable Moments in Sports)
by Bob Italia

A Fun Book of Olympic Trivia : A to Z! Including the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah (Olympic Trivia for Kids)
by Carole Marsh

Always Dream (Positively for Kids Series)
by Kristi Yamaguchi

Basic Guide to Skiing and Snowboarding
by Us Olympic Committee

Bobsledding and the Luge (True Books - Sports)
by Larry Dane Brimner

The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics, 2006 Edition : Turin (Complete Book of the Olympics)
by David Wallechinsky

Dreams on Ice (Girls Only No. 1)
by Beverly Lewis

Elympics : Poems
by X. J. Kennedy

The Encyclopedia of the Winter Olympics (Reference)
by John Wukovits

Eyewitness: Olympics
by Chris Oxlade

Figure Skating in Action (Sports in Action)
by Kate Calder

Freeze Frame : A Photographic History of the Winter Olympics (Hardcover)
by Peggy Fleming

Frozen in Time: The Greatest Moments at the Winter Olympics (Hardcover)
by Bud Greenspan

Gus & Gertie and The Lucky Charms
by Joan Lowery Nixon

Michelle Kwan : My Special Moments (Paperback)
by Michelle Kwan

The Olympic Dream and Spirit Volume 1: Stories of courage, perseverance and dedication
by Bob Schaller

The Olympic Dream and Spirit Volume 2: Life Lessons from Olympic journeys
by Bob Schaller

Picabo Street : Downhill Dynamo (Sports Achievers)
by Joel Dippold

Sasha Cohen: Fire on Ice : Autobiography of a Champion Figure Skater (Hardcover)
by Sasha Cohen

Skating for the Gold : Michelle Kwan & Tara Lipinski
by Chip Lovitt

Snowboard Showdown
by Matt Christopher

by Nancy L. Carlson

The Winter Olympics (True Books - Sports)
by Larry Dane Brimner

This Is Figure Skating
by Margaret Blackstone

To the Edge and Back: My Story from Organ Transplant Survivor to Olympic Snowboarder (Paperback)
by Chris Klug

Torino 2006: A Local's Guide to the Winter Olympics (Paperback)
by James Sajo

Winter Olympics (An Easy-Read Sports Book)
by Caroline Arnold

The Winter Olympics (Paperback)
by Mary Lu Muffoletto

The Winter Olympics (True Books: Sports Paperback)
by Larry Dane Brimner

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2006 (World Almanac and Book of Facts (Paperback)
by Ken Park

USA: Olympic dreams, Olympic gold. (Lesson Plans).
An article from: Junior Scholastic [HTML]

The following books are out of print, but you can check your local library!

A Winter Place
by Ruth Yafee Radin

Chronicle of the Olympics (Updated Edition)

Great Winter Olympic Moments
by Nathan Aaseng

When the Mountain Sings
by John MacLean

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