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My Favorite Plant

I know the names of many plants,
Like carrots, corn and peas,
Roses, grass and dandelions,
But my favorite plants are trees.

'Cause trees give shade, trees give wood,
Trees give fruits and nuts-mmm, good!
Trees give homes to living things,
trees hold tree houses, trees hold swings,
Follow me now, and you will see,

(Puff) (Puff) the best thing a tree holds is you and me!

"I'm a Little Seed"
tune: "I'm a Little teapot"

I'm a little seed deep in the ground,
Warmed by the sunshine, yellow and round,
Cooled by the raindrops falling sown,
Time to raise my head and Look around.

I've Planted My Seeds
Tune: Rockabye, Baby

I've planted my seeds.
All in a row.
I've watered them well
To make sure they grow.
High up above
The bright sun shines down
And soon tiny plants will poke through the ground.

Planting Seeds

First we dig up the soil
Cheered by spring air.
Pantomime digging up the soil
Then we rake and we rake and we rake.
Pantomime raking.
Next we plant our seeds
With the greatest of care.
Pantomime planting sees in the ground.
Then we wait and we wait and we wait.
Fold arms and wait.
Under the ground
The young seeds grow.
Curl up on the floor.
Then slowly they start to rise.
Slowly rise up.
Soon, up they sprout
To greet the sun.
Stand up to full height and spread arms.
Oh what a lovely surprise!
Submitted by: Lorti@email-removed

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