Thematic Units - Respiratory System

Respiratory System

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Lesson Plans , Activities, Experiments

Big Sneeze Grades Various
Students will practice observation skills and learn how germs are spread.

Breathing Is Essential to Life Grades Elementary
Students will: recognize that breathing is a necessary, automatic life process, observe and record data on
respiration rate, demonstrate how air enters and leaves the lungs, observe how respiratory rate changes with different activities, and use counting as a means of gathering data.

The Breathing Machine Grades 1-3
Students learn about the functions of the lungs.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Grades Intermediate & Up
Students approximate a measurement of lung capacity; To compare lung capacities of males and females, active and inactive.

How Air Moves In and Out of the Lung Grades Intermediate
This lesson will: develop an understanding of the respiratory system, demonstrate how air enters and leaves the lungs, and demonstrate the relationship between the breathing rate and exercise.

How to Make a Model of the Human Respiratory System Grades 5-6
Students will label and explain the various parts of the respiratory system.

The Human Body's Respiratory System Theme Page Grades Various
Collections of useful Internet educational resources within a narrow curricular topic and contain links to two types of information. Students and teachers will find curricular resources to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are links to lesson plans which will help teachers provide instruction.

Lung Capacity Grades Intermediate
A great experiment to help students understand how much air their lungs can hold.

Respiratory System Grades 4-6
This lesson was designed to show that the general functions of the respiratory system are to deliver oxygen to the tissues, the importance of cellular respiration, the processes of inhalation/exhalation, determine the volume of air exhaled and to eliminate carbon dioxide formed in the body.

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Web Sites

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy
Great tips for everyone.

Human Anatomy Online
A great reference for students and teachers.

The Human Respiratory System
Brought to you by the American Lung Association.

Oxygen Delivery System
Learn about the functions of the respiratory system.

The Respiratory System
A collection of great student and teacher resources.

Welcome to the Respiratory System
A ThinkQuest.

Your Gross and Cool Body
Learn what makes the human body work.

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About Your Lungs (Let'S-Try-It-Out)
by Seymour Simon

Body Cycles (Cycles)
by Michael Elsohn Ross

Breathing (Body Books)
by Anna Sandeman

Breathing and Respiration (Body Systems)
by Jackie Hardie

Lungs (Look at Your Body)
by Steve Parker

The Lungs and Respiratory System (The Human Body)
by Steve Parker

The Respiratory System (Human Body Systems)
by Helen Frost

Respiratory System (Human Body Systems)
by Alvin Silverstein

The Respiratory System (21st Century Health & Wellness)
by Mary Kittredge

The Respiratory System (Insider's Guide to the Body)
by Justin Lee

The Respiratory System (Invisible World)
by Nuria Bosch Roca

The Respiratory System (True Books-Health)
by Darlene R. Stille

Why Can't I Breathe Underwater? : And Other Questions About the Respiratory System (Bodywise)
by Sharon Cromwell

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