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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Mini Unit Grades Elementary
This unit has suggested web sites, a weekly schedule, and more.
Submitted by: Holley

BrainPOP Rainforest Resources Grades Various
Includes both lessons and activities.

Exploring Landforms Grades Elementary
Students learn how aspects of the world work together.

Increasing Awareness of the Rainforest Grades Elementary
Integrate the rainforest into your daily work.

Layers of the Rainforest Grades Elementary
"This is the first lesson of a two week unit on rainforests. This lesson focuses on the four layers or strata of the rainforest."

Rainforest Grades PreK-12
Resources from Scholastic.

Rainforest Activities Grades Elementary
Various activities including: art, science, math, and more.

Rainforest Curriculum Grades K-8
The Rain Bird company has a great page that provides teachers with curriculum for the classroom.

Rainforest Printables Grades Various
Find a great collection of printable resources.

The Wonders of the Rainforest Grades 1-3
"The children will gather and record information on a classification organizer about plant and animal life in the rain forest after listening to the teacher read a book about it."

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Web Sites

A Journey Through the Rainforest
This is a journal of someone's adventure through the forest.


Amazon Interactive
Find online interactive games & activities.

Celebrate Earth Day - Everyday

KID'S Quest Adventures in the rainforest
This site includes facts, activities & more.

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Alliance
This site contains various rainforest information and additional links.

Rainforests of the World
This site takes you to all of the rainforest throughout the world.

River of Venom
A science mystery set in the Amazon rainforest. Test your scientific sleuthing skills.

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A Color of His Own
by Leo Lionni

Aardvarks, Disembark!
by Ann Jonas

At Home in the Rainforest
by Diane Willow

Don't Believe It! Fibs and Facts About Animals
by Melvin Berger

Draw! Rainforest Animals

Exploring the Rain Forest: Science Activities for Kids
by Anthony D. Fredericks

Frogs Swallow With Their Eyes!: Weird Facts About Frogs, Snakes, Turtles, & Lizards: A Weird-But-True Book (Strange World)
by Melvin & Gilda Berger

The Great Kapok Tree; A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
by Lynne Cherry

The Iguana Brothers: A Tale of Two Lizards
by Tony Johnston Verna Aardema

by Helen Cowcher

by Roland Smith

Koala Lou
by Mem Fox by Virginia Hamilton

Life in the Rainforest: Plants, Animals, and People
by Melvin & Gilda Berger

Maps & Globes
by Jack Knowlton

The Monkey and the Crocodile: A Jataka Tale from India
by Paul Galdone

One Day in the Tropical Rain Forest
by Jean Craighead George

Private I. Guana: The Case of the Missing Chameleon
by Nina Laden

Rabbit Makes a Monkey of Lion: A Swahili Tale
by Verna Aardema

Rain Forest
by Helen Cowcher

Rain Forest Secrets
by Arthur Dorros

Rain Forest: The Latest Information and Hands-On Activities to Explore Animals, Plants and Geography
by Robin Bernard

Rainforest Animals (Animals Worlds)
by Paul Hess (Illustrator), Jack Prelutsky

Rainforest Wildlife
by Antonia Cunningham

The Shaman's Apprentice : A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest
by Lynne Cherry & Mark J. Plotkin

That's Good! That's Bad!
by Margery Cuyler

by Helen Cowcher

Traveling to Tondo: A Tale of the Nkundo of Zaire
by Verna Aardema

Welcome to the Green House (Hard Cover) (Paperback)

Wonders of the Rain Forest
by Janet Craig

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