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Thematic Units - Money Poems & Songs

Money Poems & Songs

*Coin Combinations*
5 pennies make a nickel
2 nickels make a dime
2 dimes and a nickel make a quarter every time.
4 quarters make a dollar
and that is quite a lot.
And a dollar in my pocket
is exactly what I've got.

*Lunch Money*
(by Carol Diggory Shields) from new math series-McGraw Hill Math for You and Me!
This poem would serve as a good introduction to a lesson on various coins and money in general.

Don't ask dad - he never has any.
Grandma's purse has a nickel and a penny,
Mom has a five, but the car needs gas.
Here's a dirty quarter someone found in the grass.
Checked all our pockets - nothing but gum.
Piggy bank, piggy bank, here I come!

*Money's Funny*
(by Mary Ann Hoberman)
As Mary Ann Hoberman points out, if it were a matter of size, a penny would be worth more than a dime.

Money's Funny
Don't you think?
Nickel's bigger than a dime;
So's a cent;
But when they're spent,
Dime is worth more
Every time.
Money's funny.

*The Dollar Song*
(sing to the tune of "Ten Little Indians")
*From creative teaching Press-theme-100

One little, two little, three little dimes,
Four little, five little, six little dimes,
Seven little, eight little, nine little dimes,
Ten dimes make 100 cents.
Two little, four little, six little nickels,
Eight little, ten little, twelve little nickels,
Fourteen little, sixteen little, eighteen little nickels,
twenty nickels make 100 cents.
Ten little, twenty little, thirty little pennies,
Forty little, fifty little, sixty little pennies,
Seventy little, eighty little, ninety little pennies,
100 pennies make 100 cents.