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Lesson Plans & Activities

A Penguin’s Winter Wonderland Grades K-3
Students will write a creative story or poem based on a penguin scene they create using ImageBlender.

Antarctica: Animal Printouts Grades Various
You can learn about the animals and print pictures to color. Brought to you by Zoom School.

Blubber Glove Grades Various
An experiment that will help students answer this question: "How do Antarctic animals stay warm in bone-chilling water?"

CanTeach: Penguins Grades Various
A fun collection of songs and poems.

ChildFun Family Website: Penguins Grades Various
A great resource for arts & crafts, games & activities, recipes & snacks, and songs & finger plays.

Coloring Pages Grades Various
A great collection of various types of penguin worksheets to print and color.

Differences: Opening Doors to Social Studies with Children's Literature Grades 1-3
Use the story Tacky the Penguin to help children recognize similarities and differences among people.

Easy Penguin Craft Grades Primary
A fun way for young students to practice their circles.

Footprint Penguin Grades 1-3
Make adorable penguins for the classroom bulletin board.

Penguin Activities Grades Various
Penguin Printable Worksheets and other "Off line" Activities.

Penguin Adaptation Grades Intermediate
While learning about what it takes for penguins to survive, students must create their own animal suited to live in Antarctica.

Penguin Capers Grades K-3
In this thematic unit of study, students will explore penguins and expand their knowledge of penguins to include different types of penguins, their behavior, habitat, communication, reproduction, diet, eating habits and conservation.

Penguin Craft Grades Primary
A fun craft that can easily be paired with a story.

Penguin Light Bulb Grades 3-5
After researching and learning about penguins, students use old light bulbs to create a clever penguin craft.

Penguin Songs Grades Primary
A fun collection of songs.

Penguin Theme Unit Grades 1-3
Students will learn about the Emperor penguin.

Penguins, Penguins, Penguins Grades K-3
Students will learn about penguins - where they live, what they eat. They will also learn about the shape of a penguin.

Reader's Theatre Tacky the Penguin Grades K-5
There are no materials needed for this fun Reader's Theatre activity.

Sea World
Sea World offers teacher guides to penguin units. Click on the grade level you want. (They are both a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.)
K - 3
4 - 8

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Web Sites

KidZone Penguins
Activities, facts and photos.

Live from Antarctica 2
Ready for a field trip you'll enjoy as much as your students? Set sail with Passport to Knowledge for Live from Antarctica 2!

Watch penguins on the live WebCam.

Penguin Planet
More information about penguins than you ever needed!

Brought to you by Sea World. A complete collection of information and resources.

The World of Penguins
This is a wonderful PBS resource.

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Antarctic Antics
by Judy Sierra

Antarctica (Sunburst Book)
by Helen Cowcher

Busy Penguins
by John Schindel

Cinderella Penguin, Or, the Little Glass Flipper (Picture Puffins)
by Janet Perlman

Counting Penguins (Science Emergent Readers)
by Betsey Chessen

Cuddly Dudley
by Jez Alborough

Easy Make & Learn Projects: Penguins (Grades 1-3)
by Donald M. Silver

The Emperor Lays an Egg
by Brenda Z. Guiberson

The Emperor's Egg
by Martin Jenkins

Everything for Winter: A Complete Activity Book for Teachers of Young Children: Activities for December, January, and February
by Kathy Charner

Little Penguin's Tale (A Voyager/Hbj Book)
by Audrey Wood

Month-by-Month Arts & Crafts: December, January, February (Grades 1-6)
by Marcia Schonzeit

Mr. Popper's Penguins
by Richard & Florence Atwater
A Guide for Using Mr. Popper's Penguins New in the Classroom
by Rebecca Paigen

My Season With Penguins
by Sophie Webb

Nights of the Pufflings
by Bruce McMillan

The Penguin (Animal Close-Ups)
by Beatrice Fontanel

Penguin Chick
by Michelle McKenzie

Penguin Chick (Let's-Read-and...)
by Betty Tatham

Penguin (Photobook)
by Frans Lanting

Penguin Planet
by Kevin Schafer

Penguins (Grades 1-3)
by Robin Bernard

Penguins (Animals of the Oceans)
by Judith Hodge

by Gail Gibbons

Penguins at Home: Gentoos of Antarctica
by Bruce McMillan

Penguins: Easy Make & Learn Projects
by Donald M. Silver

Penguins (First Discovery Book)
by Rene Mettler

Penguins (Learn All About, Grades 1-4)
by Robin Bernard

Penguins of the World
by Wayne Lynch

Penguins Thematic Unit
by Sharon Coan

Plenty of Penguins
by Sonia Black

The Puffins Are Back!
by Gail Gibbons

Puffins Climb, Penguins Rhyme
by Bruce McMillan

Tacky and the Emperor
by Helen Lester

Tacky in Trouble
by Helen Lester

Tacky the Penguin
by Helen Lester

Tackylocks and the Three Bears
by Helen Lester

These Birds Can't Fly (Rookie Read-About Science)
by Allan Fowler

Three Cheers for Tacky
by Helen Lester

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