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Lesson Plans

Jan Brett's Homepage Grades Various
Find seashell bookmarks, coloring pages and instructions for making a sailor's bracelet.
Check out the Piggy Back section for Comet's Nine.

Ocean Science Activities for Kids Grades Various
"Fun ocean science activities are a perfect way to spend time at the beach or prepare for a trip to the ocean!"

Ocean Science Fair Projects Grades Various
Find project ideas.

Ocean Unit Grade K-1
This PDF contains a full unit for younger students.

STEM Works - Under the Sea Grades Various
Collection of lessons that will bring the ocean to your classroom.

Under the Sea Grades Primary
An ocean and sea life unit.

Whales & Ocean Life Grade 3
In cooperative groups, students will learn facts about various species of whales (humpback, gray, killer, etc.)


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Web Sites

Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate
This site contains information of the goals to gather information about temperatures in the ocean in order to verify existing climate models, and to assess the potential effects of low frequency sound transmissions on marine mammals and sea turtles.

Aquatic Network
Information Service for the Aquatic World. Subject areas covered include aquaculture, conservation, fisheries, limnology, marine science and oceanography, maritime heritage, ocean engineering, and seafood.

International Arctic Buoy Programme (IABP)
Polar Science Center-Applied Physics Laboratory-University of Washington
The IABP maintains a network of automatic data buoys in the Arctic Basin which monitor synoptic-scale fields of pressure, temperature, and ice motion to support real-time operations and meteorological and oceanographic research.

International Year of the Ocean (1998)
Even though 1998 was the International Year of the Ocean, this is an incredible site! It contains an unlimited amount of resources and information.Be sure to check out the Kids'& Teachers' Corner!

IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library
The IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library contains a wide variety of earth science data, primarily oceanographic and atmospheric datasets.

Ocean Worlds
A NASA resource.

Physical Oceanography From Space
Describes how satellites measure oceanographic parameters such as sea surface height and temperature, and how these measurements are used by NASA scientists.

A multimedia project designed to raise awareness of the world ocean and the life within it.

Check out SeaWorld's home page for ideas!

Turning the Tide on Trash
A Learning Guide on Marine Debris

Virtual Marine Education Center
Here students and teachers can find information and on-line resources for learning about the marine environment.

WhaleNet - Teacher Resources
It has information on professional development, lesson plans, and web sites.

WhaleTimes will take you on an adventure to the ocean. Do you like seals, sharks, penguins and whales? Then you're going to love WhaleTimes. Find out how your favorite animals survive in the sea. What they eat, where they live and much more.

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101 Questions About the Seashore
by Sy Barlowe

A 3-D Look at Oceans
by Keith Faulkner, Rober Morton (Illustrator)

Across the Big Blue Sea: An Ocean Wildlife Book
by Jakki Wook

A Drop Around the World (Teacher's Guide)
by Barbara Shay McKinney

A Drop of Water : A Book of Science and Wonder
by Walter Wick

Amanda Explores the Ocean

Animals of the Oceans (Animals by Habitat)
by Stephen Savage

Arctic Whales and Whaling (Arctic World Series)
by Bobbie Kalman, Ken Faris

As Big As a Whale
by Melvin Berger

At the Seashore
by Pamela Hickman

At the Seashore: Pacific Edition
by Pamela Hickman

Atlantic and Gulf Coasts (Audubon Society Nature Guides)
by Stephen H. Amos, William H. Amos

The Atlantic Ocean (New True Books)
by Susan Heinrichs

Beluga Passage
by Linda Lingemann

Beneath the Oceans (Worldwise)
by Penny Clarke, Carolyn Scrace (Illustrator)

Beneath the Waves: Exploring the Hidden World of the Kelp Forest
by Norbert Wu

By the Seashore
by Maurice Pledger

Comet's Nine Lives
by Jan Brett

Coral Reef (Look Closer)
by Jane Burton (Photographer), Barbara Taylor

Coral Reef (Watch it Grow)
by Kate Scarborough, Michael Woods (Illustrator)

The Coral Reef Coloring Book
by Katherine S. Orr

Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Oceans
by Kathy Ross

Experimenting With Water (Venture Books)
by Robert Gardner

Exploring the Oceans: Science Activities for Kids
by Anthony D. Fredericks, Shawn Berlute-Shea

Eyewitness: Ocean
by Miranda MacQuitty, Frank Greenaway (Photographer)

Fountains of Life: The Story of Deep-Sea Vents (First Book)
by Elizabeth Tayntor Gowell

Great Barrier Reef (Wonders of the World)
by Martin J. Gutnik, Natalie Browne-Gutnik

How to Be an Ocean Scientist in Your Own Home
by Seymour Simon, David A. Carter (Illustrator)

Hudson River: An Adventure from the Mountains to the Sea
by Peter Lourie

Learning About Shells
by Sy Barlowe, Richard Bonson

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor
by Joanna Cole

by Seymour Simon

Oceans (Interfact) CD
by Lucy Baker, Francis Mosley (Illustrator)

Oceans (Make It Work Geography)
by Andrew Haslam, Barbara Taylo

The Rainbow Fish
by Marcus Pfister

Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale
by Marcu Pfister

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue
by Marcu Pfister

Seas and Oceans (Unsborne Understanding Geography)
by Felicity Brooks, Peter Dennis, Chris Lyon

Seaweed Book: How to Find and Have Fun With Seaweed
by Rose Treat

The Shell Book
by Barbara Hirsch Lember

Under the Sea in 3-D (with 3-D Glasses)
by Rick Sammon, Susan Sammon

Usborne Book of Ocean Facts
by B. Gibbs, Anita Ganeri

Water Science
by Deborah Seed

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