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Thematic Units - Spend 1 Million Dollars

How would you spend $1 million?

Last year I assigned a project where my 6th grade students had to show how they would spend $1 million. They had 1 month to complete the project. It involved using many skills. There were rules that had to be followed. They had a lot of fun requesting catalogs from various companies and really let their imaginations SOAR!

Here are the rules: My $1,000,000.00 Project

1) An ad or a picture from a catalog must document all items. Round prices to the nearest whole dollar. All items are considered tax-free, so there will be no sales tax added to the items purchased.

2) You can only buy one of the same types of item. You therefore cannot buy two houses, two family cars, or two boats. (Sets or packaged sets are acceptable.)

3) You are not allowed to spend over $200,000 on any item. This includes houses, boats, and land.

4) You must spend the money. That means that buying CD's, stocks and bonds, and other investments are not allowed, since you never actually lost the money. In fact, sometimes you get more back.

5) Relatives and friends are not allowed to sell you items unless you have an actual ad from newspapers, catalogs, etc. Handwritten ads by the previously mentioned people do not count.

6) Ad includes the actual price and cannot be handwritten in next to the item. Also, written estimates from the business are required for any over-the-phone purchases such as boats, education, or braces.

7) The finished project must be presented in folder form.

8) All items must be numbered next to each picture or ad.

9) A table is required at the beginning of the folder which is to be set up like the example below.

10) Your total should be at the bottom of the columns on each page.

11) Request and use as many different catalogs as possible. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Item Number     Item Description     Item's Cost
1) House $200,000.00
2) Volkswagen "Buggie" $ 25,000.00
Submitted by: EImo527@email-removed