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Math Games

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Online Games

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Create & Print
Create and print your own math worksheets.

AAA Math
These games are categorized by grade level and topic.

Basket Math
Choose to play a variety of games from all areas of math.

Batter's Up Baseball
Choose to play multiplication or addition baseball.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Brain Teasers
Great problems that can be used on or off line.
Join Spike in his Game Zone.

Fact Monster
Have fun while mastering those facts.

A+ Math provides online flashcards.
An online site for math games.

Game Aquarium
Place value, measurement, math facts, and much more.

Java & Non-Java Games
Games such as Concentration, Matho, and Hidden Pictures.

Interactive Internet Games
Brought to you by

Math Cats
A magic chalkboard takes you to interactive math activities and a math art gallery.

Math Programming and Beyond
This ThinkQuest Jr. site is about pre-algebra, algebra, and visual basic. Find tutorials, quizzes, and a cool game challenge in outer space!

Math Stories
The goal of this math web site is to help elementary and middle school children improve their math problem solving and critical-thinking skills.

Primary Games
A variety of fun games for younger students.

Surfnet Kids
They have put together a fun collection of interactive math games.

Thinking Fountain
Patterns & activities for Tangrams.

Math Word Problems
A great collection of word problems.

Math Games
A large collection of online math games

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Games to Create

The Teacher's Corner Resources Beach Ball Grades Any
A fun an inexpensive way for your students to practice their math facts.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Dice Games Grades K-2
These two dice games allow students to practice adding skills, prediction, and graphing.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Math Games From Math Their Way Grades K-1
Who doesn't like a good game? Check out these games from the math program "Math Their Way".

Math Game Using Tic Tac Toe Board Grades Various
To introduce three mathematical operations -- addition, subtraction and multiplication -- by using Tic-Tac-Toe methodology.

Multiple Step Story Problems Game Grades 2-3
Review addition & subtraction.

Math Tic Tac Toe Games Grades Various
"Are you looking for free math tic tac toe games that you can play online? On this webpage you can find lots of tic tac toe math games that you can play on computers and iPads."

PIG Grades Various
A fun activity for addition and multiplication.

Skunk Grades Various
Practice basic math facts.

Star Base Subtraction Game Grade 1
A math game to help teach subtraction.

The Plus and Minus Game Grades 1-2
Begin by explaining that a company made a game for children which they need to test to see if it is a fair game and if people will purchase it. Students will play the game and then evaluate it for the company.

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