Thematic Units - Mammals


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Lesson Plans

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The Teacher's Corner Resources Culminating a Mammal Unit Grades 2+
A simple hands-on activity for the end of your unit. As a culminating idea on my animals unit, I label five poster boards with the titles of the animal groups. I give each one of my five teams a labeled poster board and some magazines. They are to find all the animals that they can that fit into their animal group and cut them out of the magazine. They then make a collage of animals on their poster board. When each group is finished, we have one collage for each animal group with tons of pictures. You can easily adapt this and do it only for mammals.
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Bears Grades Various
A complete unit!

Internet Resources Grades Various
WOW!! An incredible amount of sites and lessons!

Whales Grades Elementary
Reader's Theater

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Web Sites

Animal Channel

Arctic Wildlife Portfolio
Learn about the mammals that can be found in this region of the world.

Grasslands Biome
Mammals that call the grasslands their home.

Hall of Mammals
"An extensive taxonomy from the University of California Museum of Paleontology."

Kid's National Geographic

National Wildlife Federation
Search for mammal information.

Ocean Link
Learn about all of the great Marine Mammals.

The Mammal Society

Zoo Animals

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