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Magnets & Electricity

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Lesson Plans , Activities, Experiments

About Magnets Grades Primary
Students will be designing a magnet from a sewing needle and making a compass.

Batteries and Bulbs Grades Intermediate
Students will be exposed to the uses of batteries and bulbs and will be able to explain the difference between series and parallel circuits.

Electric Currents and Circuits Grades Intermediate
Students will explore everyday electronics and circuits.

Electric Playdough Grades 2-5
"If you love doing arts and crafts with your students, this lesson plan is for you! Teach them about energy, electricity, and circuits as they build light-up sculptures, using something they are all familiar with—play dough"

Electricity Webquest Grades Intermediate
The power has gone can you get it back on?

Electricity Grades Intermediate
Students will be able experiment with static electricity and circuits.

Electricity Grades 5-12
The main objective of this lesson is to teach elementary electricity principles with the use of materials which are easily available.

Electricity and Magnetism Experiments Grade 4
Hands-on experiments for students.

Electricity and Magnetism Webquest Grades 6-8
"This provides an overview of electromagnetism. Students will be required to construct an electromagnet at the end of the less."

Electromagnets Grades Intermediate
The students will make an electromagnet and determine the strength of the electromagnet.

Electromagnets Grades 3-4
Students will be able to construct an electromagnet, increase its strength, and better understand its properties.

Electrostatics Grades Primary
The main objective of the Mini-teach is to show Primary students that there is electricity in all matter.

Fish & Clips Grades K-1
Students will understand some of the characteristic of magnets.

Fruity Battery Grades 4-8
"In this science fair project,construct batteriesfrom various fruits and testthem to see which one will produce the most electric current. Then, determine if it would be practical to use fruit as a natural source for generating electricity."

How Smart Are You About Electricity, Batteries And Conductors? Grades 3-8
The concepts of batteries, electrons, conductors, and more will be covered.

How Strong is Your Magnet? Grades 3-5
To experimentally measure the strength of a magnet and graph how the strength changes as the distance from the magnet increases, and as the barrier (masking tape) is built between the magnet and an iron object.

Introduction to Elementary Circuits Grades Intermediate
Students will have the opportunity to build and test basic electrical circuits.

Introduction to Magnets Grades All
This unit will introduce students to the forces of magnetism, electromagnetism and static electricity.

Just Turn it Off Grades K-2
Energy is often expended when it need not be. Students will investigate the importance of turning off lights, toys, machines, and appliances.

Magnet Muscles Grades Intermediate
Students will be able to recognize the strength of a magnet, what part of the magnet is the strongest, and what is a magnetic attraction.

Magnetism Grades Intermediate
This project provides students the opportunity to explore all aspects of magnets.

Magnets, Electromagnets & Fields of Force Grades Intermediate
Students will have the chance to experiment with various magnetic concepts.

Ohm's Law Grades Upper Elementary
From this lesson, students will become aware of Ohm's Law, the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance in a series circuit.

Put A Spark In It Grades 3-5
"Students begin learning about electricity with an introduction to the most basic unit in ordinary matter, the atom."

Series and Parallel Circuits Grades Intermediate
Students will have a better understanding of these two circuit types.

Simple Circuitry and Series Circuit Grades 3-4
Students will be able to demonstrate and describe a series circuit.

Snacks about Electricity Grades Various
A variety of experiments and activities that can be done with simple materials.

Static Electricity - A Hair Raising Phenomenon Grades K-6
For years children at birthday parties have played with static electricity - whether they realized it or not. Bring this fun exercise to your classroom with the following simple experiment.

The Magnets in My House Grades Various
A basic printable worksheet that asks students to examine various items in their home.

Worksheets & Printables Grades Various
Find great worksheets, bulletin board ideas, and printables.

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Web Sites

The Atoms Family
This site is designed for students in grades K-8. It provides an introduction to all areas of electricity, energy, and magnets.

Electronics (Circuitry) Theme Page
A collection of resources.

How Does a Magnet Work?
Great resource page.

How Force, Power, Torque and Energy Work
Great background knowledge.

Lightning Safety Quiz
Students can take this online quiz.

Lightning Theme Page
A collection of resources.

Magnetism Theme Page
A collection of resources.

What is Static Electricity?
This site by Science Made Simple will provide you with a great deal of background knowledge.

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Blinkers and Buzzers - Building and Experimenting With Electricity and Magnetism
by Bernie Zubrowski

Understanding Electricity (Science for Fun)
by Gary Gibson

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