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Ice & Snow Fun

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Lesson Plans & Activities

A Blizzard of Winter Lesson Plans Grades Various
Brrr! Winter is in the air! To help you celebrate the start of the winter season, we have shoveled up more than 50 cross-curricular activities! Included: Lessons about winter folklore, snowmen, the winter solstice, and more!

Antarctica Grades 6-8
An exciting virtual field trip to Antarctica that takes place on the Internet. Part of Discovery Channel School’s lesson plans.

Avalanche! Grades 6-8
Students will learn about the physical science aspect of this event.

Dream Snow Grades 2-4
The students will add more details and adjectives to their writing.

Expanding on Ice Grades 6-8
Find out what happens to solids and liquids when they change from one form to the other. Especially look for what happens to liquid water as it changes from a liquid to a solid and from a solid to a liquid.

Ice Energy Grades Elementary
To prepare some of our favorite foods, such as ice cream, birthday cakes, and even barbecued steaks, we rely on chemical reactions. Some of these reactions occur when food ingredients combine, while others result from cooking or cooling processes. When we understand how science affects foods, we can create tasty new recipes.

Ice Surfing - How do ice surfers go so fast? Grades Middle School
Grab your board and hit the beach-it's surfing time again. But instead of baggies and a tank top, you might want to put on a parka and thermal socks, because the kind of surfing we're talking about only happens on solid water. That's right, the topic is ice surfing, and it's the hottest sport on frozen lakes around the world.

Making Ice Cream Grades Any
Your class can explore the history of ice cream and dairy products, the chemistry of ice, salt and exothermic reactions, or use it an exercise in the scientific method: what if you make the following recipe without salt?

Snow Journals Grades 3-12
Students will observe the natural world and come to conclusions about those observations.

Snowball Family Grades K-1
Read the book "Snowballs" to the children. Talk about the different kinds of snow families in the book.

Water and Ice Grades K-2
"This lesson is the first in a three-part series that addresses a concept that is central to the understanding of the water cycle—that water is able to take many forms but is still water."

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Web Sites

Be sure to visit our Winter Activities page for more great resources!

32 Snow Activities for Kids This Winter
A collection of fun ideas.

Ice and Snow
Click on the Words and Pictures to Explore Ice and Snow.

Snow Activities
10 fun and creative snow activities for kids (outside and inside).

Snow School
Snow School is a non-commercial, science based education program.

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