Holidays Around the World

Holidays Around the World

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Lesson Plans & Activities

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Christmas Crackers
Fill toilet paper tubes with small prizes and wrap with holiday tissue paper and stickers. Tie the end with ribbon.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Holiday Tote Bag
Send home a tote bag decorated with holiday symbols from around the world. Include some stories from around the world for parents to share with their child. Then in a Holiday Traditions journal the child can work with their family to add their traditions to the journal.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Holiday Booklet
I have a little booklet that I've made multiple copies of for the children. It has a couple of pages for each of several different celebrations around the world. This could also work with separate trade books though. I made a grid to compare certain aspects of each tradition such as symbols, important people or characters, time of year, customs, and location in the world. The children fill it in as they learn.
Submitted by: Martha MTM4MTW@email-removed

The Teacher's Corner Resources Pinata
Make a pinata Using a paper lunch sack and glue on a Christmas shape to cover fill with treats and candy. Tie with yarn. (I think this would be a neat take home gift!)

The Teacher's Corner Resources Bulletin Boards
Don't forget to visit the Bulletin Board section!

Christmas Cookie Mystery
Help Mrs. Claus save Christmas with this fun science experiment.

Creative Lesson Planning - Christmas Around the World Part I Grades 2-5
"This lesson combines Visual Arts with Social Studies. Students will read about how Christmas is celebrated in different parts of the world and draw a scene depicting that location."

Creative Lesson Planning - Christmas Around the World Part II Grades 2-5
"This lesson combines Music and Social Studies. Students will listen to and learn Christmas songs from around the world and analyze."

Science of Snow
Snow has been studied by scientists. Here is some scientific information about snow.

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Web Sites

Blue Mountain Arts
Visit to send a free card!

Christmas Around the World
A complete site that offers facts, songs, activities, and much more!

Christmas Customs Around the World
Resources brought to you by The History Channel.

Christmas in Italy
Find "Historical Traditions" and "Traditional Recipes".

Christmas in Mexico
"Did you know that most everybody in Mexico takes off the last two weeks in December to Celebrate Christmas in Mexico? Learn more interesting facts. "

Christmas in the Philippines
Not only will you learn about Christmas, but you will also find many interesting facts about the Philippines.

Christmas with Virtual Finland
Learn about traditions, foods, parties, send cards, and more.
Submitted by: Frank Hellsten frank.hellsten@email-removed

Email Santa!
Don't trust snail mail? Make sure Santa gets your list on time!

The History of Santa Claus
Learn the "melting-pot" of information surrounding Old Saint Nick.

The History Of The Poinsettia
Learn more about this beautiful plant.

Jamaica Christmas
"Old time Jamaican Christmas and Christmas today. "

An online guide to celebrating this African American Holiday.

"Merry Christmas" in over 300 Languages
The title says it all!

NORAD Tracks Santa
Watch Santa travel the world making his special deliveries.

Ramadan on the Net
Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar.

Santa Clause at
Santa's North Pole village is full of fun activities for kids and parents.

Santa's Net
This site contains a large number of sites from the North Pole to Down Under!!

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The Teacher's Corner has hand selected a bunch of books for our Holidays Around the World Unit that you can find at great prices on

These books are out of print, but may be found at your library:

The Book of Holidays Around the World
by Alice Van Straalen

Customs and Holidays Around the World
by Lavinia Dobler

Holidays Around the World
by Joseph Gaer

Holidays Around the World (Bantam Begin-To-Learn Series)
by Walt Disney Productions

Holidays Around the World (New True Book)
by Carol Greene

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