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Health & Nutrition

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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Nutrition Unit Grade 3-5
Educate your students on what their favorite fast foods contain!
Submitted by: Laura Candler

Looking at Food Advertising Grade Primary & Intermediate
This lesson introduces students to the ways in which advertising can affect their food choices. Working from television and magazine ads, students discuss the techniques used by advertisers to engage kids with products.

Healthy Diet & Exercise Grade 6
The students will understand how a healthy diet and exercise can increase the likelihood of physical and mental wellness.

It's Sugar Time! Grade 5
The students will understand how a healthy diet and exercise can increase the likelihood of physical and mental wellness.

Junk Food Jungle Grade 4-6
This lesson will familiarize children with the nutritional value of foods advertised on television and in magazines.

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Web Sites

Online First Aid Course
Free online course to teach the basics of administering First Aid.

Online Adult CPR Course
Free online course teaching Adult CPR.

Little Stomaks
Helps inform parents of young children about making smarter choices about their child’s nutrition and lifelong healthy eating habits.

American Heart Association
Dedicated to providing education and information on fighting heart disease and stroke. Get info on your heart, risk factors, diseases, and tips for keeping a healthy heart.

Teaching Health or science -- great site for little videos and more. Colorful cartoon like website. Very education but Fun!

Find out how fun food can be with this kooky cook. Learn about the food pyramid and get recipes to make your own munchies.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Get tips from the USDA on how to balance the foods you eat and stay healthy and strong!

Dole Nutrition Program
Check out Dole's website that offers teachers free nutrition education activities and materials. Order yours today!

Eat Right America
The National Center for Nutrition and Dietetics promotes optimal nutrition, health, and well-being.

Educational Resources in Health, Nutrition, and Personal Planning
A comprehensive list of great nutrition resources.

The Food Timeline
A very unusual timeline -- History of Food.
Where parents, teens, and kids can find healthy doses of fun and learning that fit their special needs, from The Nemours Foundation. Don't forget to look at "What's New" too!

National School Lunch Program
Learn more about this program.


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