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Colonial America

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Lesson Plans

The Teacher's Corner Resources This indicates resources located on The Teacher's Corner.

The Teacher's Corner Resources Thanksgiving Grades All
View our Thanksgiving resources and lesson plans. Many of them may help you with your Colonial American thematic unit planning.

13 Colonies Map/Quiz Printout Grades 5-7
A great printable resource.

13 Colonies Printout Grades 5-7
A printable blackline map of the original colonies to label and color.

18th Century Documents
This is college-level reading- but it contains complete transcripts of major political documents including the Articles of Confederation- The Constitution- and the papers of the first presidents.

Colonial Arithmetic Grades Intermediate
Students solve colonial math problems by converting pound, pence, shillings, and farthings on this printable worksheet.

Colonial Kids Grades Intermediate
Information and projects for learning about Colonial life. Click on activities for recipes, crafts, games, and more.

Creating a Colony Grades Upper Elementary - Middle
This is a great project for your class during your study of the Thirteen Colonies.

The Crossing of the Mayflower Grades Various
Students use a blackline map to answer questions about the pilgrims journey on this printable worksheet.

Explore the Amazing World of Early America Grades Intermediate
Read George Washington's 1789 proclamation declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday (see Firsts). This is just one of many interesting 18th Century documents taken from newspapers- books- maps and magazines of the period.

Mayflower Supplies Grades Various
A printable worksheet that asks students to research the supplies needed by the pilgrims.

Pilgrim Children Name Game Grades Various
Students read clues to match the name of the pilgrim to the picture. This is a reproducible worksheet.

Pilgrim Hat Grades Various
A pattern and directions for making a pilgrim hat.

Paper Pilgram Bonnet Grades Various
A pattern and directions for making a girl's pilgrim hat.

Pilgrim Unit Grades 3-8
Through seven lessons, students learn about the location of the Plymouth colony, life aboard the Mayflower, hardships faced by the colonists, and more.

Stratford Hall Plantation Grades Intermediate
Activity ideas about colonial life from the birthplace of General Robert E. Lee. Students play online games, print out puzzles, make a whirligig, and learn about various aspects of colonial life.

Welcome To America: Life In The Colonies Grades Intermediate
A collection of resources for teaching about Colonial America. Students explore the colonial school system, investigate an online mystery, and participate in Colonial Day activities.

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Web Sites

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Grades Various
Read the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, written between 1771-1788.

The First Thanksgiving Grades Various
Take a voyage on the Mayflower.

More Lesson Plans! Also see our other Lesson Plans, Thematic Units and Activities organized by month.

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